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Welcome to Boones Ferry Primary PSS!  PSS (Parents and Staff for Students) is a non-profit organization that works just like a traditional PTA, but differs in that members are not required to pay dues and are not affiliated with a national organization.  We are an organization dedicated to enriching our children's school experience, creating a community within our school, and contributing to an environment of excellence where our children thrive.

5th Grade Celebration

Thursday June 4th, 2020 —12:30-2pm


Boones Ferry Primary School has made an incredible tradition of celebrating our 5th graders in June each year. After a heartwarming slideshow showcasing each student a certificate of well-earned achievement is given to them on stage by their wonderful 5th grade teachers. Along with the whole school, families gather on the sidewalk between Boones Ferry Primary School and Inza R. Wood Middle School, where the students will attend 6th grade the following year. The 5th graders walk to Wood under a rainbow of bubbles blown by their families and friends. The 5th graders and their families return to Boones Ferry Primary School for a reception with refreshments and lots of memories!

We need 5th grade parents to help plan and prepare for the celebration.

We always need 4th grade parents to volunteer the day of the 5th Grade Celebration. This helps them see how it will go for their children who will be going through it the next year. This is where our PSS shines! Our first class 4th grade parents help so our 5th grade parents are able to enjoy the celebration with their child by not having to volunteer that day. 5th grade parents do all the planning and preparation with 4th grade parents help and make it what they envision using our tradition as a guide. It is a well oiled machine, but needs volunteers to keep up the high quality fun!

If you are a 4th or 5th grade parent, please look for emails and fliers requesting help or contact the PSS by email and someone will get back to you.

Photos from our 2019 celebration