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Welcome to Boones Ferry Primary PSS!  PSS (Parents and Staff for Students) is a non-profit organization that works just like a traditional PTA, but differs in that members are not required to pay dues and are not affiliated with a national organization.  We are an organization dedicated to enriching our children's school experience, creating a community within our school, and contributing to an environment of excellence where our children thrive.

Dragonfly Dash

PE Teacher Sue Bynum cheers on our students with backup from BFPS parents

PE Teacher Sue Bynum cheers on our students with backup from BFPS parents

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Friday, September 28th, 9am-12pm

At BFPS we are lucky to be a part of such a wonderful community.  Our students have access to many programs and enriched learning activities, in large part due to this annual fundraiser.  100% of money raised goes to our school, touching each student.  Money raised supports many things including Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) curriculum,  Chromebooks, and Art Lit to name a few.  In addition, BFPS PSS is able to cover the cost of all field trips for the 2018/19 school year.  Last year that equated to approximately $15,000!  

Fun Run Fundraising and event details

Beginning September 7th, students along with the support of their families, will begin raising money for Fun Run.  We are really excited to be using PledgeStar this year to make asking for flat-rate donations as easy and convenient as possible.  Donation requests can be emailed, texted and/or students can ask for donations the good old fashioned way, going door-to-door.  We also encourage students and families to think of alternative ways to raise money.  No dollar amount is insignificant and we want all of our students to know that their effort matters.  Our goal this year is 100% participation!


9:00-9:45am - AM PreK, K, & 4th grade

10:00-10:45am - 1st & 5th grade

11:00-11:45am - 2nd & 3rd grade

11:10am - PM PreK

Students should prepare for possible cool wet weather. Please help them choose appropriate clothes and shoes for running outside. Water and snacks will be provided after the run. Thank you very much for helping us cheer the kids on at the finish line!  If you are interested in day-of volunteering please email  

toe tokens and student rewards

Every year, students are motivated to "go to work" for their school to earn Toe Tokens.  Toe Tokens are a fun tradition at BFPS and this year we are making it even more special by gifting all students a special, 2018 Fun Run Token.  Students will also receive a Fun Run T-Shirt to wear day-of.  Students will receive one Toe Token for every $5 earned.  In addition, students will be sent home with a Fun Run Packet which includes a Prize Chart on Friday, September 7th This chart details all of the prizes they can earn based on how much money they raise.  An exciting change this year is that students can accrue multiple prizes!  We encourage students to set a goal for which prize tier they are working toward.  Please encourage and support them as we have so much fun rewarding students who put forth the effort and we have some really fun ways to do so this year!

1. Students will collect cash and check donations using the packet and safe-keeping envelope sent home on September 7th. All donations will be due by October 1st. (Checks can be made payable to 'BFPS-PSS').

2. Secure online donations accepted via PledgeStar. Please note that all donations are a flat rate of your choice and will be tracked toward each student's individual fundraising efforts.  Here is the link to BFPS Fun Run PledgeStar webpage.

Toe token Redemption

Students can buy Toe Tokens at Back to School Night, September 20th.  The money used to purchase Toe Tokens on this night will count towards the student's earned total this year.  Students can also redeem Toe Tokens by turning in cash/checks raised on September 14th, 21st and 27th at school.  If the student chooses to turn money earned all together On Oct. 1st, their Fun Run Toe Tokens will be distributed at the same time prizes are distributed, in mid-October.  

2018 toe token, Fun Run Fridays and t-shirts

All students will be issued a special, 2018 Toe Token along with a chain to wear it on.  These will go out after Sept. 7th.  Students are invited to sport their BFPS pride by wearing their Toe Token necklaces on Fridays leading up to the Fun Run itself.  Teachers will be given t-shirts to distribute to each student the morning of the Fun Run.  These tees are often used all year long to match students together on field trips.  

THANK YOU TO OUR GENEROUS COMMUNITY SPONSORS for making A HUGE DIFFERENCE! That's why we love being their customers.  if you own a business or work at a company you think would like to be on this list next year, please email


Al’s Garden Center | First Team at Academy Mortgage | Divine Complexions | Elements Massage | Green Group | Larson Dental | Nichols Family Agency | Wilsonville Toyota | Wilsonville Veterinary Clinic

 Last years Annual Fun Run was on Friday, Sept 29th, 2017.  Together we raised $35,000! Thank you to all our amazing sponsors and students for raising money for toe tokens!